All About Allergies

Understanding Allergies

An allergy is when your immune system reacts to something that’s normally harmless to most people. If you come into contact with a substance that your immune system views as a threat, called an allergen, it responds by releasing a chemical called histamine and other substances. The release of these substances is what causes your allergic reaction. Atopy, or having an atopic predisposition, refers to the genetic predisposition to develop allergic diseases.

Types of allergies & their triggers

Anything from pollen to mold to animals to food can trigger an allergic reaction in someone who is allergic. And while some people may outgrow their existing allergies, new ones could spring up at any time.

Certain allergens are frequently responsible for allergic reactions and some include:


Dust Mites



Tree pollen

Grass Pollen

Weed Pollens




Seafood & Shellfish



Tree Nuts


Fruit & Vegetables

Know your symptoms

Sneezing, wheezing and itching – you may think what you’re experiencing is normal. Learn about all the ways your allergies can show up and the common symptoms and triggers associated with them. Recognizing the typical signs is a step towards getting some relief. 

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