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Beyond itching, sneezes and sniffles, allergies can have many symptoms you wouldn’t expect, such as stomach pain, diarrhoea or ear infections. How do you know for sure if you or your child is allergic or not?

And if so – to what exactly? A blood test together with your doctor’s expertise will help you to quickly answer all those questions.


When you know that allergy is causing your symptoms, you and your doctor can make an individual action plan and take simple steps to reduce exposure to the identified triggers (for example, exclude specific foods from the diet) which will:

  • Decrease the symptoms
  • Decrease the risk of a severe allergic reaction
  • Decrease the need for medication

If an allergy is ruled out, further examinations can focus on other causes and you can stop worrying about the possibility of severe allergic reactions. Also, you can minimize the risk of giving yourself or your child medication he or she doesn’t need.


Making a conclusive allergy diagnosis can be difficult, since most people with allergies are allergic to more than one thing — many of them may be unknown to the person! Allergens (e.g. pollen, furry animals, house dust mites) add up to cause symptoms, and what may seem as the obvious one may   just be the “tip of the iceberg”. For some people, symptoms may appear only when exposed to two or more allergens at the same time. Minimizing the total exposure to allergens may thus be enough to reduce symptoms. Therefore, it is important to identify all allergens that contribute to the symptoms, in order to provide the optimal care. This is possible thanks to modern and easy-to-perform blood tests!


A blood test, such as ImmunoCAPⓇ, is quick and simple and can help  your doctor determine if you or your child has allergies and to what exactly.

  • ImmunoCAPⓇ has several benefits:

  •   Quick and easy

  •   Requires only one blood sample

  •   Can be used at any age

  •   You can keep taking your medications

  •   Carries no risk of severe allergic reaction

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